Just as public bodies and locals councils have the responsibility to protect our public buildings the same must be said for theatre owners and managers. Good facility management and vigilance coupled with regular inspections of historic plaster ceilings and mouldings will create an awareness of preventative measures to safeguard against disastrous occurrences such as the ceiling collapse at London’s Apollo Theatre in December 2013.

Ornate Interiors undertake ceiling and plasterwork condition inspections including accessing the back of the ceiling and providing impartial reports and advice on repairs and preventative measures.

We work closely with a theatre’s project team to help plan and execute theatre restorations to award winning standards by providing site surveys, budget planning and work schedules.

Our time served craftsmen can undertake the restoration and repair of the most sensitive of plasterwork, whether fibrous or lime, to the highest quality. Whilst working on the restoration of a historic theatre ceiling it is our policy to provide additional fixings and not to rely on the historic hessian and plaster wads alone.

We can also analyse the existing materials to determine the composition and ascertain the most appropriate materials to use in the restoration.

We are pleased to be a Corporate Supporter of The Theatres Trust, the National Advisory Public Body for Theatres. The Theatres Trust was established in 1976 through an Act of Parliament “to promote the better protection of theatres”. It achieves this through working in the Planning system, where it is a statutory consultee, by providing advice on capital projects and related business planning, through the distribution of small grants, and through building the capacity and effectiveness of organisations and groups which are trying to save theatres at risk.