We have a flexible approach to our business, and can offer any combination of services. We are highly skilled in a range of plastering methods, using contemporary or traditional materials.

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Manufacture and installation of decorative plasterwork, for interiors and exteriors using a range of techniques and materials.

Traditional conservation and restoration of historic plasterwork.

Advisory Reports including pre-contract site surveys and inspections and mortar analysis reports.

Lime plastering a centuries-old traditional method of plastering, currently gaining popularity in new build for its environmental credentials, as well as for replicating historic and period features in older properties.

Rendering and harling using modern and traditional products applied onto exterior hard surfaces, either as a self-coloured finish or as a base for painting or limewashing.

Running in-situ both internally and externally is a highly complex and demanding process requiring exceptional expertise and competence.

Spray plastering for complicated angular structures and large surface areas, most often employed in big commercial structures.

Solid plastering, onto hard surfaces such as brick and masonry.

Plasterboarding and skimming (Dot and dab) for quick, cost effective results, using highest quality 21st century materials.