As an interior designer, you deliver a wide range of schemes for your clients combining creativity, luxury and innovative practicality. Decorative plasterwork can provide exquisite details for traditional and modern interiors. The potential is only limited by your imagination.

Whether you are renovating a listed property and demanding perfect replication of existing mouldings and cornices, or designing a contemporary space with helical staircases, or swathes of hidden lighting within beams and columns, our plasterwork fits seamlessly with the beauty and functionality of your building.

Working with some of the country’s leading architects and designers our work realises commercial designs for restaurants, offices and prominent public buildings as well as private individuals. Our better known clients demand discretion and confidentiality, so we can not show you everything we have done, but we have a wide range of Case Studies to demonstrate the breadth and variety of our achievements.

If you would like your creative designs turned into reality, or request a call back, go to our contact page.